Augusta SCORE is the local chapter of a large national organization offering free and confidential business advice. We have more than a dozen business counselors from a wide variety of business backgrounds and with many years of business experience. Our mentors can help you with assessing an idea, developing a business plan, finding funding, growing a business, and more! To request a meeting with a mentor, click here.


Our Mentors & their Areas of Expertise:

  • Ed Bartlett -  business operations, business strategy, consulting
  • John Beichman - information technology, nonprofits, business analysis, sales
  • Linda Diou - business strategy, distribution, marketing
  • William Gray - marketing, product line management, sales and field sales
  • Larry Mitchell - nonprofits, retail and wholesale trade, accounting
  • Pete McAllister - manufacturing, human resources, organizational improvement
  • Michael Murphy - government and regulations, business operations, business strategy
  • Peter Murth - nonprofits, start-ups, banking, financial services and insurance
  • Jayme Okma Lee - venture capital, finance, start-ups, management consulting, data analysis, business operations
  • Ed Ross - retail and wholesale trade, supply chain management, financial planning
  • Ronald Vandosol - financial planning, business development, marketing
  • Fred Witherby - nonprofits, start-ups, banking, legal services, entity decisions
  • Kim Yesis - financial planning, employee management, business operations, business strategy