How SCORE Helped: 

When I contacted SCORE, I only had the idea – that countless seniors wanted to continue to live in their own homes for as long as possible.  Private Home Care, Inc. came into being in 2012; SCORE mentoring has been invaluable.  I had no financial backing or resources, just my idea.  My SCORE mentors who met with me weekly, believed in me and I believed in my purpose.  From the ground-up, my mentors supplied me with business plan knowledge, how to seek and acquire the essential fundamentals – a lawyer, an accountant, an insurance agent, and led me through the building of a solid foundation, which is my business today.  They guided me from vision to reality.

2017 marks our 5th year in business; SCORE helped with financial guidance, assistance around securing the right kind of employees, how to work with banks and insurance companies, as well as how to grow from an initial 7 employee roster and limited clientele to 30 employees, currently.  When I began my relationship with SCORE, and through our joint journey, I knew I could grow this business – and seeing how it is succeeding today is very satisfying.

I remain very thankful to the SCORE (Augusta, ME) organization and hope I can help someone else in the future.

Private Home Care Inc.